Saturday, October 29, 2011

 6G Mobile Technology Network -Next Generation Mobile

2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile technologies have evolved in the technology side of development. The 6G mobile technology is the next generation wireless mobile resources and the 6g technology will surely make a phenomenal changes in mobile technologies.

The mobile world is racing very fast that the mobile manufacturers on one side make new mobile phones with latest technology which can be categorized into Camera Mobiles, Music Mobiles, Office Mobiles, Touch Mobiles, MP3 mobiles, Card slot mobiles, FM mobiles, Bluetooth mobiles, GPS mobiles, Games mobiles, 3G mobiles, Wi-Fi mobiles, E-mail mobiles, Qwerty mobiles, Smartphones, Business Mobiles and others.

On the contrary, mobile manufacturers have reduced the mobile prices drastically such that each and every single individual is owning a mobile and it also has become a necessity for better and good communication. People earn money with these mobile technologies and this isn't surprising. The how end and high end mobiles perform well which is needless to doubt.

3g mobile technology have become more familiar in most of the developed countries and in the under developing countries. With the 3g becoming more and more familiar, the next level technology 4g have evolved. Apple is going to the next levels which is the 5g and it also has introduced ipods and other devices. They did not stop there, they took the next step and forwarded for 6g technology and launched the iPod Nano 6G. iPod nano 6G is available in 8GB and 16GB versions and carries the price tag of $149 and $179 respectively.

What is 6g technology ?

  • Increase performance and maximize your data throughput and IOPS
  • Protect your system and secure your data
  • Ease your service and build efforts and expand your data center configuration options

The 6g technology haven't been fully revealed yet but the search phrases like what is 6g mobile technology, 6g technology, 6g mobile, 6g network, 6g wiki, 6g technology ppt are getting more familiar with new mobile technology getting evolved. The Google hot trends has rated the term 6g as the 17th most searched word in the search engines.


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