Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frontal Concepts’, an Australian outfit, has released its first product which happens to be an amazingly designed wrist watch strap for your iPod Nano 6G. Frontal Concepts’ have come up with a wrist band which does take lead over other wrist bands released for iPod Nano 6G. This wrist band has one click locking mechanism which keeps your digital time piece in position even when you aren’t taking care of it.
Not just your average iPod Nano watchstrap – The Infuse allows users to mount their iPod Nano 6G in a minimalist and ergonomic manner via its unique “Wristlock” mechanism.
Some of the appreciable features of Frontal Concepts’ wrist band for iPod Nano 6G are:
  • Minimalistic design that has been polished for shining beauty.
  • Arranges the iPod Nano 6G is ergonomic fashion that helps the gadget’s wire stay parallel to your arm.
  • You won’t have to unmount your iPod Nano 6G from the wrist band when you have to connect the same to your computer.
  • Mounts your iPod Nano instantly and keeps it locked at its position.
  • Uses high quality stainless steel, plastic and silicone for ever lasting body.
The wrist band will cost you $24.95 USD and comes in black, white and brown colors.


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